Welcome to the Capital Quality Community Learning System (CQCLS)

Welcome to the Capital Quality Community Learning System (CQCLS). The CQCLS is designed to provide a central training and communication system for child development centers and homes participating in Capital Quality. This website and app serve as a platform to share and disseminate information, resources and activities for the District's early childhood community participating in Capital Quality. Click here for more information on Capital Quality.

Community Conversations

Caring for Our Children

by Pilla Parker -

Caring for Our Children, (CFOC) is a collection of national standards that represent the best practices, based on evidence, expertise, and experience, for quality health and safety policies and practices for today's early care and education settings. 

Review the attached appendices to get updated information on personal care routines.


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Ways to Engage to Engage during COVID-19

by Pilla Parker -

How are you engaging families remotely? Share your thoughts, suggestions and videos. Check out a few ideas from Bright Beginnings. 


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